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But there are ways to reduce the outlay.

Buying a used car on finance can indeed be a cheaper way to find a new ride, but there are some specific things to bear in mind if you go down the used car route. Using finance to purchase a car is not just a way to cut costs on an expensive, new ride. It is also common to purchase used vehicles on finance. One thing to note, the financing options available to you might be slightly different, depending on how you purchase your used vehicle.

0% Car Finance

If saving money is a key factor in your decision-making process, going for a used car can be a smart way to go. Getting a brand new, shiny ride straight off the showroom floor may make you feel good for a week, but it will lose value almost as soon as you pop it into first gear. So, if you have found the used car for you, but cannot afford the upfront cost, then using a financing deal could be worth considering.

The length of time it takes to pay off the car will depend on what you agree with the dealer or lender who provides the finance to cover the initial cost. The factor that affects the products available to you is where you buy the car from. New vehicles and used vehicles are both sold at dealerships, which usually offer - and can arrange - an array of financing options.

But used cars are also commonly sold privately. Carvana will give you an offer and pick it up from your home. Best of all, these loans aren't just easy to get; they are great deals for all kinds of borrowers. Carvana finds offers from several sources without a hard pull on your credit. This allows you to shop rates without hurting your score and rest easy knowing that you got the best possible deal. Plus, without pushy salespeople, you can ensure that you get the car you want. If you are tossing around the idea of getting a new car but not sure if it will fit in your budget, stop by LendingTree first.

Without affecting your credit, you can shop from a variety of lenders. You can use this feature for refinancing, new cars, used cars, or lease buyouts. Just enter details such as your desired loan type, down payment, financial status, and the vehicle you want. Then Lending Tree will match you with lenders. You can compare the offers to find the best rates and terms for your life.

Car Finance - Compare The Best Deals on Cheap Car Loans

If you decide to apply, the lender will require a full application. Lending Tree can also help with a loan payment calculator, free credit score finder, and other tools. Although Lending Club made a name for itself with peer-to-peer personal loans, the online lender now offers auto loan refinancing.

First, complete the initial application and get instant offers. This step is a soft pull on your credit that won't change your score. Then, you can compare the details of each proposal to see which best fits your needs. Whether you need to lower your interest rate, increase the length of your loan, or both, you can find the right lender.

Used car finance: Everything you need to know

Once you decide on an offer, you can finish the official application. The process is entirely online and easy. Although Lending Club is a broker, you won't pay an origination fee for your loan. Finally, sit back and enjoy a smaller monthly payment. Rates range start at 6. Whether you're sure you want to refinance or just seeing what's out there, Lending Club is a great option. A car finance loan is a loan you take out for the specific purpose of buying a car.

They can be a way of spreading out the cost of the purchase, though like all loans they generally come with interest rates and potentially extra charges or fees. The cost of the car would need to be within your credit limit, and you would have to make sure you make the monthly repayments on time — preferably in full, to avoid paying interest.

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You generally have to be over 18 to get a car loan, and lenders will often have their own specific requirements. You can find out more by looking at their website or contacting them directly, by phone, email, or post.

New Car 0% Finance Deals

This is important as too many rejected applications for loans or credit can look bad on your credit report. To give yourself the best chance of being successful when you apply for a car loan, you should bear in mind the following:. Shopping around for car loans on MoneySuperMarket is an easy way to find a better deal suited to your needs. You can then browse through the list and compare your options by the cost of the loan, any fees and charges involved, and how likely you are to be accepted if you apply.

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