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Eatontown, NJ Enjoy one FREE ROUND OF MINI GOLF when a second ROUND OF MINI GOLF of equal or This screen cannot be shown as a valid coupon.

It's a minion offered to you in the treasures, every time you play one it fuses with all copy's you have either in the deck or your hand, making a big BFF. That doesn't clarify anything, is that a card that was offered in the last brawl?

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I played it three times but never saw it. When it enters the battlefield, it 'eats' all other copies of BFF in your deck and gains all their stats, he also has taunt and charge.

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But the best part is that once he is in your deck, he will be in every single deck you build the in brawl. Holy crap!

I didn't realize that I had cursed my own tavern brawl by putting all those damn BFFs in all my decks! I'm going to play a Hagatha game right now and get ride of them all. They're like an invasive species in my fun.

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The only boss to survive more than 2 turns was the headless horsemen. He died on turn 3. Yeah last week getting your deck to be full with BFF is cool and all, but it's kinda sucking the fun out of doing it fast for me since it's just "play a card and go face for turns". At least the rewards are nice.

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It's cheap, ye but the brawl is just a bunch of bosses from the dungeon in normal mode while your deck is super charged from the beginning, there is really not much of a challenge or anything new anyway If you play as Rafaam, you start with a treasure in your deck that makes the next card you play cost 0 but then it gets removed from your deck.

It took me two runs with Rafaam and the right choice of treasures and I managed to get rid of all 20 of my BFFs from my deck. Otherwise, yeah, ruins the fun. Share this Free Design. If you like this, you will love these other products by Digital Gems. Chocolate Biscuit Font.

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By Digital Gems. I love this font.

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Digital Gems Font. Comments for Penguin design You can login here. Design Bundles Premium License.

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