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If you are new to Recyclebank earning the points for this coupon is super easy with all the ways to earn right now in the Green Your Vacation Challenge too. The coupon will only be available until noon PST on July 22 or while supplies last. One of the nice ways to also spend your points, is exhanging them for coupons- and some very nice coupons too!

This is a print at home coupon, and with the Green Your Vacation way to earn you can easily earn the points for this coupon as well as others very quickly! Here is what you need to do:. Each item will give you the chance to earn points for a total of at least 70 points. Instead, they have endorsed a more personal way of spreading its message.

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This advertising campaign will attempt to convey the differentiating characteristics that make Honest Tea appealing to this new target customer over other drinks while remaining true to the values and priorities championed by the company. Honest Tea already has a strong social media presence, and outdoor poster advertisements will be effective in increasing consumer interaction in this arena.

The Honest Campus campaign will be carried out in three phases: 1. They will be able to share their own examples of how their campus is honest, with a buy-one-get-one-free Honest Tea coupon as the reward, and view responses from students across the country. These could be stories of a returned wallet, individual work instead of cheating, or anything else that these new customers deem exemplary of honesty.


Exhibit B details the specific media, timing, and locations of these advertisements. In this guerilla marketing effort, un-manned kiosks selling Honest Tea were assembled in 12 cities across the country. A hidden camera recorded the results, which were presented online in the form of a competition to determine the most honest city in America.

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While these efforts did not include any paid advertisement or promotion, they were covered by several news outlets and were highly successful in generating buzz and increasing brand awareness. In the Honest Campus competition, similar pop-up stores will be assembled on 12 colleges around the country.

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Unlike a traditional giveaway, students will be given two bottles of Honest Tea, but only on the condition that they promise to give the second to a friend. The Honest Campus competition, the take-one-give-one events, and the interactive posters all convey the straightforward attitude that governs the company, influences its decision-making, and informs its production choices. The advertising is simple and has clear brand recognition.

The product is truly the hero. Exhibit A: The Creative Brief 1. What do consumers think the brand stands for? Our marketing research indicates that consumers associate the Honest Tea name with adjectives like fresh, healthy, organic, pure, and tasty.

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The brand identity also represents honesty, authenticity, and trust. What do we want brand equity to stand for? The Honest Tea brand must continue to represent a straightforward approach to creating a healthy product with healthy practices. Who is the competition and what do they stand for in the market? This competition tends to compete solely on taste and lacks the health and social benefits promoted by Honest Tea.

What is important to know about the consumer?

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Even as the target age changes, it is important that the value of healthy ingredients and commitment to sustainability is consistent. Our preliminary research showed that consumers aware of these characteristics were What is the Marketing Objective? What else should we consider?

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What is the overall impression that advertising should leave with the consumer to achieve the objectives? To the young consumer pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle, Honest Tea is the greattasting, bottled-organic tea made from all natural ingredients through socially and environmentally conscious practices. Honest Tea brews its beverages with real tea leaves, has low sugar content, is organic, and does not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Younger consumers will be targeted in three stages: 1. Interactive Advertising. The Honest Campus Competition.

Like the highly successful Honest Cities guerilla marketing campaign, this will allow college campuses to compete for the title of the most honest campus.