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This, combined with the fact that rural youth could learn to drive at an earlier age, meant that Anne learned how to drive at age 13 before learning how to ride a bike at age Once she learned, she never looked back. In , Anne founded a property management and investment company with the goal of providing affordable housing to individuals hit hard by the Great Recession.

Most of her career was spent in the Chicago metro working for various non-profits as a Director of Youth, Mission and Outreach. With a passion for travel, Anne spent a year and a half on a cross-country trip before moving to Southern Utah. Once she found St. George, she knew she was home.

Adan Carrillo became interested in biking while living in Seattle and Washington D. He works for the Salt Lake City Community and Neighborhoods Department as a Civic Engagement Manager, where he encourages community members to get involved in the decision-making process of planning and building safe and sustainable streets, bike paths, and trails. I like to think of myself as a bicycle industry "hanger-on" and I try not to take myself too seriously. It's only a bike, after all! The reason I love the Bicycle Collective here in Utah, as well as all the other non-profit bike outfits on the planet, is that they remind me of the reasons I learned to love bikes in the first place.

Riding my bike to work at my first job. Riding with friends. Learning how to fix bikes.


Exploring new places. In my life, bikes have always meant personal freedom and I'm here to share that message. Bikes are for everyone, regardless a person's level of fitness, income or station in life. You may be riding your bike to your local library or you might be racing in the Tour de France, but goal is exactly the same. More information on the properties of neutrinos will be obtained by studying If chemonuclear production of chemicals ever reaches the commercial stage, it will be used to make compounds that have a high market value and high production costs by conventional methods, not for low-priced chemicals.

This is the conclusion of Donald M. Elliott, who described a conceptual design and economic study at the annual meeting of the American Nuclear Society in San Diego, Calif.

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For cheap chemicals, he says, production using a nuclear reactor's energy cannot yet compete with present methods. Using methane, air, and nuclear energy as raw materials, it would make hydrogen cyanide by chemonuclear means and ammonia and oxygen by conventional means. An air separation plant would make nitrogen and by-product oxygen. In the reactor core, nitrogen and methane would react to produce hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen, using kinetic energy of Du Pont is producing chromium dioxide for use as the magnetic component in recording tapes for computer, instrumentation, audio, and video systems.

Tapes containing chromium dioxide show improved output and resolution over those bearing iron oxide, Du Pont claims.

Chromium dioxide does not occur naturally but is prepared from chromium trioxide. Paul Arthur, Jr. Patent 2,,, issued to Dr. Arthur and assigned to Du Pont. Since that time, Du Pont scientists have developed milder synthesis conditions for scaleup of the production process. Chromium dioxide is a black, semiconducting compound with a density of 4.

It is synthesized as acicular or needlelike crystals which have a rutile structure and exhibit magnetocrystalline anisotropy. The chromium dioxide is prepared in a narrow range A new class of liquid fluorinated compounds and a process for synthesizing them have been developed at Montecatini Edison. The compounds, tradenamed Fomblin, are oligomers having the structure of perfluorinated polyethers.

According to Montecatini Edison, the compounds are prepared via direct photochemical combination between oxygen and perfluoroolefins, usually hexafluoropropylene.

Because of their structure, the compounds show very little intermolecular action, possess high chain flexibility, and have low heats of vaporization. The result is an unusual combination of properties. They stay liquid over a wide temperature range, have a high specific gravity, are chemically inert, won't dissolve in any of the common solvents, are very stable at high temperatures, and have good viscosity vs. The Fomblin compounds also have a high affinity only for liquids with a high fluorine content. Their affinity toward all the common solvents, both polar and nonpolar, is almost nil, Montecatini Edison says.

The very Pennsalt Chemicals is marketing a rubber cure activator which could pose a threat to zinc oxide's domination of this field. Citing the results of research performed at its technical center at King of Prussia, Pa. Although Pennzone E has not yet been fully investigated, a Pennsalt spokesman points out that encouraging results have been obtained with other polymers. Among these are natural rubber and polyisoprene. The new activator also shows good results with a variety of other organic accelerators.

The company's test results show that the SBR compounds cured with the new material age well and show fewer changes in physical properties than do corresponding compounds activated with zinc oxides. But the major impact of 1,3-diethylthiourea as a cure activator will probably be an economic one. For instance, its cost A second producer has entered the U.

Pipe and Foundry's new Birmingham, Ala. Although U. Pipe is not revealing exact capacity of its facility, it doesn't deny industry's guess that it's about 4 million pounds a year. The plant, which went through startup last December, is not yet in full production but will be "within a few months. Resorcinol ra-dihydroxybenzene is a specialty chemical that currently is used in adhesives, wood laminates, dyes, and pharmaceuticals.

Both Koppers and U.

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Pipe make it by sulfonating benzene and fusing ihe reaction product with caustic soda. Details of either company's process, though, are well-guarded secrets. Pipe says it developed its own process and even engineered its plant. According to Dr. Lofton, Jr.

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How much income can a company expect per dollar of research? Conferees state the answer to this ultimate question is still a guess at best and meaningless figuring at worst. Still, speakers spread out forms and graphs to show how planning and accounting lead at least to administrative efficiency and tax gains, if not as yet to mathematical project evaluation. Gallantier, manager of accounting and administration at Mobil Oil's research department. Gallantier points out, is control on amount and Details have yet to be worked out, but the merger will take place either in or Merger talks involving the two Mitsui group firms, as well as other Mitsui companies, have been under way for years.

A Toyo Koatsu spokesman says integration of Mitsui Petrochemical into the Mitsui Chemical combination may be destined "for the far future," and inclusion of Toyo Rayon in the "remote far future. As the first half of ends, early readings on the chemical industry's sales and profits performance indicate there will be some declines from the standard of excellence it demonstrated in the first half of But the first half of set a record so high that it would take a fortuitous combination of people and circumstances to upset it.

Final figures for most companies won't be available to the public for another month or so, but their managements already know what direction the figures will take and the magnitude. Could it be that the successful completion of the Kennedy round of tariff negotiations worked out well for the U. You'd never believe it from listening to the predictably harsh words used by distressed industry leaders to describe the outcome of the trade talks in Geneva, Switzerland, last month. Company officials are particularly incensed at plans to press Congress to repeal the American Selling Price method for assessing tariffs on benzenoid chemicals.

The industry's reaction is not surprising. If ASP is killed, they will have some major adjustments ahead of them, unquestionably.

And any change in comfortably familiar ways of doing business can be painful. Even though Total capacity of the plant is now more than tons per day, including the ton-per-day addition. The Deer Park plant also produces about tons a day of liquefied oxygen and nitrogen. The plant boasts a large-scale pipeline for multiproduct, multicustomer distribution service and has undergone several production expansions since it came on stream in Allied Chemical has opened a food technology center in Morristown, N.

The center's activities will include product development and technical service on food acidulants; Food, Drug and Cosmetic certified colors; food additives; and plastic films for packaging food products. The center has a test kitchen, taste panel room, certified color laboratory, three film laboratories, and a film pilot plant. Grace has acquired Uniroyal Chemical's Vibrin line of polyester resins and Vibrin-mat process, machinery, and related equipment Radioisotope heaters ThermoPac. Family of compact heaters derive heat from radioisotope decay; three models generate 2. Atomics International, Canoga Park, Calif. Conductive rubber Customote No.